Henning Dahl-Mikkelsen

Henning Dahl "Mik" Mikkelsen (25 Jan 1915 - 4 Jun 1982) - designed Bang & Olufsen's well-known logo in 1931. But Dahl-Mikkelsen created also other well-known figures than Bang & Olufsen’s logo. He is also the man behind the comic strip Ferd’nand, a world-wide success and published in 15-16 different countries. In 1999 it was 60 years since Dahl-Mikkelsen began developing Ferd’nand. Since 1939 Ferd’nand has been published in 100 to 120 papers all over the world. Until his death in 1982 Dahl-Mikkelsen made more than 15,832 Ferd’nand strips.

The very first product to bear the 'new' Bang & Olufsen logo was the tone-arm and magnetic cartridge of 1933.

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