BeoCenter AV5


Production: 1997 - 10/2001

BeoCenter AV5 offered a good-sized screen (25” 4:3 ratio) and a built-in CD player and FM stereo radio. There was also NICAM stereo available and as an option, a satellite receiver could be purchased as a separate module.  It was one of Bang & Olufsen’s integrated television sets which, over the years, have remained popular by way of space-saving and good looks.  Likewise, the colour TV set was available in a choice of colours in order to blend better into your home surroundings. BeocCenter AV5 was in fact the first BeoCenter model to include a TV receiver. It was the forerunner of the BeoVision Avant although its screen size was a little too small for most people’s purposes.

BeoCenter AV5 close up
A lot of Bang & Olufsen products have useful ‘gimmicks’ attached to it. From sensi-touch operation of the Beocenter 9500 to the ‘magic doors’ of the BeoSound Ouverture, BeoCenter AV5 was no different in the ‘wow factor stakes’ in that it had a pair of built-in speakers which slid out from the sides of the cabinet when the machine was turned on. Also, the CD player - which was placed on the top left of the unit - appeared to float in the air. A separate display highlighted the source being played via an LCD display. Altogether then, a fine machine and one which looked very modern. With its choice of pearlescent colours it was somewhat to be desired. However, there was just something ‘not right’ about it in that it was produced with already out-of-date technologies. For example, it could only play back CDs, CD-I and PhotoCD - the latter two formats were already dying through lack of public interest. Moreover, the real technology which was really taking off at this period of time, namely that of DVD, was not catered for. So the very idea of Beocenter AV5 was dead in the water even before it could learn how to swim!

As if to rub salt in the wound, no VCR came with the television, so the user had to purchase a separate video recording machine (such as the V8000) for recording timed telepvision programmes.

Altogether then a good idea gone wrong. Perhaps if it had been released on the market a few years earlier it may have had better success? We will never know.

Available colour choices: Pearlescent black, Pearlescent blue, Pearlescent green, Pearlescent red, Pearlescent tan, Silver.

BeoCenter AV5 technical specifications

NEU 8200 (1997 - Jan 2002)
HK 8202 ( 1997 - Jan 2002)
GB 8203 ( 1997 - Jan 2002)
ITA 8204 ( 1997 - Jan 2002)
AUS 8205 ( 1997 - Jan 2002)
EEU 8206 ( 1997 - Jan 2002)
OTHER 8207 ( 1997 - Jan 2002)
F(GB) 8208 ( 1997 - Jan 2002)

Remote control included: Beo4
Stand turning function: +/- 35 degrees, remote operated
Picture tube: 63cm , Black line SF, Black Matrix
Visible picture: 59cm
Curtain: electronic
Contrast screen: anti-reflex coated
Auto picture adjustment
Auto cut-off
Wideband CTI
Adaptive Luminance Peaking
Scan Velocity Modulation 1
Teletext Improved Teletext, (about 350 pages)
FastText (FLOF), 7 languages, 4 memory pages per programme
CTV system B/G, PAL, SECAM, NTSC AV, Nicam (optional)
Tuner range 45 - 860 MHz, VHF, S, Hyper, UHF
TV programmes 79, named by Teletext

Sound Stereo, active speakers
Sound pressure level 97 dB stereo
Stereo decoders According to type:
A2 + NICAM B / G / L (optional)
A2 + NICAM B / G / I (optional)
NICAM I (optional)
Sound system bass reflex, 2 x two-way 'side-system' + 'centre bass'
Frequency range 55 - 20000 Hz
FM receiver tuner range: RDS 87.5 - 108 MHz
Radio programmes: 59
CD: built in
Disc size 12cm , 8cm
Frequency range 20 - 20,000 Hz +/- 1 dB
Signal - to - noise - ratio Typical 100 dB, A weighted in audio mode
Playback the following:
8200, -03, -04, -05, -06, -08
8202(HK), 8207(TAI) CD-A
CD-A, Photo-CD, Video-CD, CD-I, CD-Graphics, CD-Ready
Satellite module: (optional)
Tuner range 950 - 2150 MHz
Programmes 119 TV/ Radio
Sound systems Mono/ Stereo
Satellite radio: yes
Down conv. supply 14/18 Volts control, Tone control (22 Khz)
Input DiSEqC (One way control)
2 x F-connector (2 x 75 ohms) Connections: V.TAPE-AV-Decoder 3 x 21-pin sockets, AV for S-VHS in/out
Camcorder / auxiliary 3 x Phono sockets/YC input 4-pin socket
Stereo headphones Mini jack
Beolink 1 Master Link
Beolink video distribution System modulator according to type
I optional, G optional
RF out

Link compatibility: 1 Master Link

Optional features/modules: Satellite 4158
NICAM decoder 4144
Set-top box Controller 4167
System modulator 4155 (EU) 4160 (GB)
Positioner (external) 4170 (EU) 4171 (GB)
Power Positioner (external) 4172 (EU) 4173 (GB)
AV2 Expander box 8089086
Picture in picture module Not available

Specifications: Dimensions W x H x D/ Weight:
On mode : 63 x 97 x 55cm / 69 kg
Standby mode: 81 x 97 x 55cm / 69 kg
Cabinet finish: pearlescent shades of black, blue, green, red, dark tan and silver
Power consumption/ minimum: typical 112 W/ standby <1.5 W

Market specifications:
Market: Type: Country: Active CTV system Basic CTV system *)
NEU 8200 A-B-CH-D-DK-E-GR-I-N-NL-P-S-SF-Other B/G B/G
HK 8202 Hong Kong B/G/D/K/M/I B/G/D/K/M/I
GB 8203 UK, South Africa I I
ITA 8204 Itali B/G B/G
AUS 8205 AUS, NZ B/G B/G
EEU 8206 East Europe B/G/D/K B/G/D/K/M/I
TAI 8207 Thailand, Other B/G/D/K/M/I B/G/D/K/M/I
FGB 8208 North France, Cannel Island B/G/L/L´/I B/G/L/L´/I

*) Basic CTV systems can be switched ON in Service menu

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