BeoCenter 9300


Production: 1993 - 05/2001

Documents: Brochure, Owners Manual, Owners Manual

Beocenter 9300 was the very last of the Beocenter 9xxx series music centres. It was a generation which lasted fifteen years and has proved to be a good seller for Bang & Olufsen and a model which generally springs to mind when one thinks of the company’s history and the products that it has produced.

Still a good buy today Beocenter 9300 can be linked around the house for music in every room. However, Beocenter 9300 was really a cut-down version of the model that it supereceded, the Beocenter 9500, which even today offers higher specifications than any of its siblings. The Beocenter 9300 had been redesigned to cut down the costs of production and by definition, specifications had been deleted from it including that of two-way remote control communication, the RIAA pre-amplifier, Dolby ‘C’ and the microphone input. However, by way of compensation, extra radio stations could be stored: thirty instead of Beocenter 9500’s twenty.

Beocenter 9300 was also the last of the amplified Beocenters.  From the time that Beocenter 9300 was withdrawn, no further hi-fi system has had a built-in amplifier therefore the user had to buy separate active speakers.

System stand ST9500 was produced especially for accommodating the Beocenter 9300 although was equally at home with any of this particular system’s sister products such as the Beocenter 9500, 8000, 9000 and 8500.

BeoCenter 9300 technical specifications

EU 2516 (1993 - May 2001)
AUS 2520 (1993 - Jan 2000)
GB 2517 (1993 - Nov 2000)
J 2519 (1993 - April 2000)
TAI 2553 (1996 - Jan 1999)
US 2518 (1993 - Dec 1999)

Compact disc: built-in
Disc size 12 cm, 8 cm
Frequency range 20 - 20,000 Hz, +/- 1 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio Typical 101 dB, A weighted
D/A converting Bitstream, Analogue filtration
Features: Edit

Dimensions W x H x D 76 x 11 x 34
Weight 14 kg
Cabinet finish: Aluminium

Tuner: built-in
Pre-tuned radio programmes: 30 FM or AM
Radio ranges: FM-LW-MW
Tape Recorder: built-in
Recording system: HX PRO
Tape transport: Auto reverse
Noise reduction: Yes
Frequency range: 50 - 14,000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 65 dB, Noise reduction, chrome

Power amplifier: built-in
System frequency range 20 - 20,000 Hz
Long-term max. output 2 x 80 W/ 8 ohms
Harmonic distortion < 0.1 %, 30 W

Power consumption Typical 25 watts/standby <2 watts

Type no. 2516 EU 230 V
2517 GB 240 V
2518 US-CND 120 V
2519 J 100 V
2520 AUS 240 V
2553 TWN 120 V
2554 KOR 120 V

Connections: Power Link 2
FM aerial, 75 ohms 1
AM aerial (Dedicated) 1
Speaker Link 2
Master Control Link (MCL) 1
Tape 2 / Phone 1
Headphone / Jack 1Beolink
Master Control Link
Master Link (via Beolink Converter)
Remote Control: Beo4

Most recent S/W 1.4

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