BeoCom 4


Production: 2003 - 2013

Introduced in 2003 the BeoCom 4 was a cordless telephone whose array of useful features were very easy to use. Combining redial together with a passive answerphone showing the last 24 incoming telephone numbers, its stored Phonebook numbers were accessed by way of an easy-to-use wheel, in much the same way as the BeoCom 6000.

However, whereas the the BeoCom 6000 (and BeoCom 2) was a DECT/GAP telephone (allowing a telephone system of between two and six phones to be formed) the BeoCom 4 was just DECT. It was not GAP-compliant which meant that the telephone could not be used in conjunction with other DECT/GAP-compliant phones to make up a home or office system.

Standing upright, this two-component handset and base combination offered convenient plug-and-talk functionality in that the phone could just be plugged into the wall socket and used immediately.

Sound quality was up to usual Bang & Olufsen standard being delivered by the interaction of an innovative loudspeaker unit with digital sound processors.

Asymmetrically divided into two halves, the BeoCom 4 base and handset offered a high level of design-wise interaction. Placed together, the two components formed an upright cylinder, standing tall on a desktop. When apart, these two components offered two separate, fully functioning visual identities.

There were eight ringtones from which to choose together with a choice of three metallised colours. Moulded from high-quality ABS plastic, the BeoCom 4 featured a smooth and durable external surface, ensured by an extensive UV lacquering process, which produced a highly scratch-resistant surface.

An optional belt clip and headset could be used with BeoCom 4 when it could be satisfactorily used away from its base up to around 50m within a home and 300m outdoors.

Available in four colours, white was added to the colour range at the end of October 2010.

BeoCom 4 technical specifications

System: Cordless telephone - DECT 
Dimensions (W x H x D): 
- handset 45 x 150 x 25 mm 
- base with handset: Ø 60 x H 160 mm 
Weight of handset: 120g 
Colours: Blue, black, beige 
Placement of base: Table 
Capacity (standby / talk time): 150 h / 12 h 
Charging time: 4 h 
- indoor: Up to 50 m 
- outdoor: Up to 300 m 
Phonebook: 200 numbers and names Calls List (Caller ID and Redial): 24 numbers and names 
Dialling of Caller ID number: yes 
Indicator for line busy: yes 
Indicator for unanswered calls: yes 
Volume control: yes 
Microphone mute: yes 
Display of call duration: yes 
Keypad lock: yes 
Alarm for low battery: yes 
Ringer settings: yes (8) 
Light in display activated by operation: yes 
Menu languages: yes, 10 
Full graphic display: yes 
Headset connection: yes 
Optional extra: Belt clip for handset

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