BeoCord 2000T Deluxe

BeoCord Reel to Reel

Production: 1967 - 1970


Offering three speeds, and used as either a 2- or 4-track machine, the well-specified Beocord 2000T de Luxe came with its case for transportation. Technically, and looks-wise, it was identical to the  Beocord 2000K de Luxe but differed by the fact that it was designed and built to be carried around when the lid of the cabinet could be set up as speakers.

The amplifier offered 2×6W and was sized at 25 x 45 x 35,5cm.  Beomic BM2000 could be used with the unit.

BeoCord 2000T Deluxe technical specifications

Dimensions: 250mm high, 450mm wide, 355mm deep 

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