A4 Storage Rack ‘Wave’

Miscellaneous Furniture

Production: 2000 - unknown

The A4 Storage Rack was comnmoinly known as the ‘Wave’ because of its zig-zag shape.

Manufactured from a single piece of aluminium, the small but solid rack - available in two sizes - could be placed on a table or shelf where it could accommodate a number of compact discs. Up to 8 to 12 discs could be stored within the smaller version or, with the larger model, between 16 and 24.

The rack was popular because of its modern looks as well as its robust, smooth and scratch-resistant surface. Two finishes - natural aluminium and a black anodised aluminium version - were available.

Protective rubberised feet were situated on the unit’s base to protect table tops during use.

A4 Storage Rack ‘Wave’ technical specifications

Type nos. 1214311, 1214326, 1214411, 1214426 

Dimensions W x H x D/Weight: 
16 - 24 CD Dimensions WxHxD/Weight: 66 x 320 x 318mm/2,16kg 
8 - 12 CD Dimensions WxHxD/Weight: 66 x 75 x 318mm/0,51kg 
Finish : Black anodised aluminium, natural anodised aluminium 
Finish: aluminium with a natural anodised finish · aluminium with a black anodised finish. 

Available in 2 sizes: holding 8 - 12 CDs or holding 16 - 24 CDs 

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