BeoCord 507 K

BeoCord Reel to Reel

Production: 1951 - present

Beocord Type T 507 K., used as a sound carrier, a Plastic band coated with iron oxide. The execution of this tie occurs with a so-called "Capstan Driv.e." 
which gives a complete smooth running Recording is done only on 
half the bandwidth, and the tape can therefore be used for recording on both sides.
Placing the baand is very easy, as the baand, after being attached to the winding coil,
merely is put in a slid. The rewinding takes place in the course of approx. 30 sec. without 
rearrangement of the gang and without wear of the head of the head. Spooling can take 
place at a rate of approx. 5 times normal flow rate by 
pulling the strip off the slit. The tone head is vertically adjusted, ensuring that the recordings 
are reproduced completely correctly, even if they are played on a different device than 
that used for the recordings. All mechanical functions are operated with a single 
button and the work is provided with a Minus scale, which shows, on the one hand, how many minutes 
are recorded and how many minutes are left. The amplifier used,
Type T 507 UK, has been corrected in strict accordance with the Frequency Characteristics of the Tape and Tone Head 
It also has Push-pull Output, Separate Bass and Treble 
Control, UM 4 Recording Indicator, Flashlight Indicator, which indicates when the device is 
connected and whether it is in Record or Repeat mode. There are 
Microphone, Radio and Gram Connector Connectors, and Extra Speaker, for the Extra Speaker 
there is a Rotary Switch that has four positions: Normal, Low, Interrupted, and Extra Speaker. 
The speaker system consists of Bass and Treble Speaker with Crossover. 
The suitcase is upholstered with black Leatherette and equipped with Microphone, 
Coil and Net and Microphone. The layer is removable.

BeoCord 507 K technical specifications

Tire speed: 19.1 cm / sec. (7½ "English) 
Delefiler: 1000 Hz. 
Dynamics: 55db. 
Extra Speaker: 3.5 Ohm. 
Consumption: Gen give 85 Watt, Recording 100 Watt, Reverse 120 Watt. 
Frequency: 50 - 8000 Hz. 
Speakers: Bass. B & O Perma 227. Treble. B & O H 5 with Tone palette. 
Input impedance: Gramophone 50 Ohm, Microphone 50 Ohm, Radio 50/2700 Ohm. 
Microphone: B & O MD 1 with foot VF 1. 
Microphone cord: 3 meters. 
Power cord: 2 meters. 
Delete generator: 40 kHz. 
Runtime: 2 x 32 Min with a length of 366 m. (1200 ft. English) 
Rewind: Approx. 60: 1 (Approx. 30 Sec.) 
Tone Track: 2. 
Output Power: 5 Watt Undistorted.
Wow: Less than + - 0.3%. 

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