BeoCord 8004

BeoCord Compact cassette

Production: 1982 - 04/1987

Documents: Owners Manual, Service Manual

The final model in the 8000-range of cassette tape decks, Beocord 8004 was fitted with both Dolby B and C NR as well as HX-Pro to dynamically enhance the recording process.

Datalink technology was installed, of course, as were all machines from this point on.  Beocord 8004 also featured Sendust tape heads to give durability and exceptional sound.

BeoCord 8004 technical specifications

Types: 4864 (1982 - April 1987) 
GB 4865 (1982 - April 1987) 
J 4867 (1982 - Feb 1987) 
USA 4862 (1982 - April 1987) 

Compact cassette C46-C60-C90-C120 
Tape head: Sendust 
Recording system HX PRO 
Noise reduction system Dolby B and C 
Tape switch Auto. ferro, chrome and metal 
Wow and flutter, DIN < +/- 0.1 % 
Speed deviation < +/- 1 % 
Fast forward and rewind C60 70 sec 

Frequency range ferro/chrome/metal 20 - 20,000 Hz +/- 3 dB 
Signal-to-noise ratio CCIR / ARM: 
Metal Dolby NR B: >65 dB, C: >74 dB TDK-MA 
Chrome Dolby NR B: >66 dB, C: >75 dB TDK-SA 
Ferro Dolby NR B: >64 dB, C: >72 dB BASF LM I 
Power supply 220 V 
Power consumption Max. 50 W 
Dimensions W x H x D 53 x 13 x 30cm 
Weight 7.5 kg 

Connections: Headphones jack, AUX DIN, Microphone DIN, Amplifier DIN

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