BeoGram 1202

BeoGram Record Decks

Production: 1972 - 08/1974

Documents: Service Manual, Owners Manual

The follow-up to the stunningly-looking Beogram 1200, Beogram 1202 was available in three finishes and came fitted with an SP14A combined stylus/cartridge.

It retained many of its predecessor’s qualities including the ’star-shaped platter,’ and although based upon Beogram 3000, it lacked the hinged lid which would have made the record deck the one that it should have been, rather than the one that it turned out to be.

Still a perfect deck though, and was recommended for use with Beocenter 1400 and Beomaster 901.

BeoGram 1202 technical specifications

Type: 5237 (1972 - Aug 1974) 

Speeds: 33,3 and 45 rpm 
Rumble Better than 60 dB (DIN B) 
Wow and flutter Better than +/- 0.15 % peak value (DIN), corresponding to +/- 0.06 % rms 
Vernier adjustment 6 % 

Antiskating: built-in 
Stylus presurre adjustment 0 - 3.5 g (ponds) 
Pickup SP 14 A 
Stylus pressure 2 g (p) 
Voltage: 110 - 130 / 220 - 240 V AC 
Power consumption 10 W 

Output: 5 mV - 1000 Hz / 47 kohms 

Dimensions W x H x D 44 x 12 x 33cm 
Weight 9 kg

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