BeoGram 2402

BeoGram Record Decks

Production: 1980 - 11/1983

Designer: Jacob Jensen

Documents: Service Manual, Schematic, Owners Manual

Fitted with the new MMC5 combined cartridge/stylus and a lightweight pickup arm, Beogram 2404 was the updated version of Beogram 2402. The unit was equipped with a 7-pin connector so that it could be linked with other suitable Bang & Olufsen products (like the Beomaster 2402) when simple remote control of the record deck - like PLAY and STOP - could be made.

Times they were a-changing at this period of Bang & Olufsen’s history and with the advent of new styling ideas utilizing brand new technologies, Beogram 2404 - as well as the whole range of 2400-type products - was finally replaced by the newer-generation Beogram 6000 and Beogram 8000.

BeoGram 2402 technical specifications

Type number: 5742 
Pickup Cartridge: MMC 20EN 
Recommended tracking force: 12mN/1,2g 
Speeds/control range: 33 - 45rpm/+/-3% 
Wow & flutter: <+/- 0,06% 
Rumble weighted: >65dB 
Rumble unweighted: >45dB 
Motor/drive system: Servo-controlled DC/belt 
Power supply (50-60 Hz) consumption: 180 - 265 (110)V/8W 
Dimensions: 44 x 8,5 x 37cm/6,5kg

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