BeoGram 6500

BeoGram Record Decks

Production: 1989 - 02/1992

Designer: Jacob Jensen

Documents: Service Manual, Owners Manual

A beautiful-looking record deck in its polished aluminum - or white - finish, the Beogram 6500 would not look out of place in any environment.  Traditionally placed at the top of Beosystem 6500’s four main components, although it seemed equally good (though took up more space) side by side Beosystem 6500’s receiver, CD player, and cassette deck.

It was a Beogram 5500 in disguise although had an RIAA pre-amplifier built into its body, unlike its predecessor which did not.

Being replaced by Beogram 7000 after the end of its three-year life, Beogram 6500 remains today a collector’s item.

The first MMC2 combined cartridge was fitted to the pickup arm at the time of sale.

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