Beolit 611T de Luxe

BeoLit De Luxe

Production: 1964 - 1966

Documents: Service Manual

Beolit 611 de Luxe FMT was similar to the Beolit 611FMK and was an FM/MW/LW/SW portable radio set which offered a full 1W of undistorted sound through its large loudspeaker.  Its cabinet was manufactured in the days before plastic finally took over.  Accordingly, it was a solid, wooden affair which could be used in a variety of poses. The 611FMT (also called the Beolit 611 Export) had a short-wave band of 19-43m instead of 75-194m as compared to the Beolit 611FMK model (which was also called the Beolit 611 Danish). In addition, the cases were different.

It had sockets for an additional loudspeaker, record deck/tape recorder together with facilities for an external antenna.

It was replaced at the end of its life by the Beolit 800.

Dimensions: 334 x 238 x 98mm

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