BeoCord 1000

BeoCord Reel to Reel

Production: 1966 - 1967

There is a scarce reason to own or to use a reel-to-reel tape recorder nowadays as the machines are both bulky, are hard to repair if they go wrong. It’s also difficult - and expensive - to obtain reels of tapes for use in the machine.  Likewise in the 1960s when Bang & Olufsen manufactured their first reel-to-reel machine it was difficult to repair wire recorders which up to that time had been the only way of making domestic recordings.  However, being the company that it is, Bang & Olufsen succeeded in the development of the medium and produced a good range of machines which have stood the test of time with many of them still in use right up to the present time. Justification indeed in the caliber of products that the company manufacture!

In 1966 Bang & Olufsen released its Beocord 1000 to the marketplace. It was a stereo machine (which indeed was most unusual and technologically advanced for its day) but came only with mono monitoring.

Jacob Jensen and Bang & Olufsen won the 1966 iF Design Award for the Beocord 1000. It was Jensen’s first iF Award working for the company.

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