BeoCord 2000K

BeoCord Reel to Reel

Production: 1964 - 1965

Beocord 2000K was a stereo tape recorder, offering three speeds and was of the 2-or 4-track format. It was technically improved from the Beocord Stereomaster 610T. It delivered 2×8 watts of music power and could be used as either a three-speed 2- or 4-track machine.

Similar to Beocord Stereomaster 610 the machine had several technical advancements using transistors to replace many of the former components. As strange as these advancements seem to us nowadays, they were significant at the time in the usefulness and effectiveness of these big, bulky and heavy machines. One such improvement was by the use of special silver foil which was inserted at the ends of the reels of tapes which were recognized when they passed through the heads, causing the machine to halt. A little primitive now, but simple and effective.

Beocord 2000K was replaced by Beocord 2000K de Luxe.

BeoCord 2000K technical specifications

Automatic stop: Functions at the end of the reel and if tape breaks or with metal foil

Dimensions, Portable: 18″ wide, 14″ deep, 10″ high


Dimensions, Console: 18″ wide, 14½” deep, 9″ high


Signal-to-noise ratio: ½ track: better than 55 dB
                                1/4 track: better than 50 dB

Power consumption, motor: 27 W


Power consumption amplifier: No signal: 8W. Full volume: 20 W


Bias Current, AMPEX 600 tape: ½ track: 2,3 mA. 1/4 track: 1,9 mA


Playback characteristic: NAB for 7½ inches per second

Channel separation: Better than 45 dB

Supply voltage: Switchable between 110, 120 and 130 V, 60 c/s


Erase Frequency: 100 kc/s

Reel Diameter: Max. 7 in

Number of tracks: 2 or 4 tracks

Tone Control Range: +/- 10 dB at 50 c/s
                              +/- 10 dB at 10,000 c/s

Power output: 2 x 8 W, harmonic distortion < 1 % at 2 x 5 W

Line output voltage: 800 mV +/- 4 dB (47 k ohms)

External speaker: Impedance: 4 ohms

Weight: Console 38 lbs
            Portable 41 lbs

Wow and flutter: Values given here for reproduction adjusted to suit normal listening (wow frequencies higher than 4 c/s have been attenuated 3 dB/octave)



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