AVX1 SCART Expander


Production: 1988 - 05/1991

The AVX1 SCART Expander was a useful product in that it allowed expansion of a Beovision television fitted in the factory with only SCART socket. The models affected would have included the Beovision MX5000 and Beovision LX2500 for example (when it could have been hidden within the stand’s metal base plate). Very simple to produce, it consisted of just a simple router.

The device enabled a total of three separate Bang & Olufsen product inputs to be configured via a BeoLink 1000 remote. Further, the unit could also be used with more modern BeoVisions (with only two AV connectors) to expand their second input. The 7-pin DIN sockets were for intefration within an audio system.

AVX1 SCART Expander technical specifications

Power supply Type 3099 220 V EU
Type 3095 240 V AUS
Type 3096 240 V GB
Power consumption Stand-by 1.2 W
ON 6.2 W
Dimensions W x H x D 13 x 10 x 7.5 cm



A/V for BeoVision  
A/V 1,2,3  
Line, AUX  


Link compatibility:

Last software version: 1.4 (part number 8341353)

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