BeoLab 12-3 / 12-2

BeoLab Loudspeaker

Production: 01/2012 - present

Finished in anodised aluminium the shape of BeoLab 12-3 is curved (to match the centre speaker of the BeoVision 12-65 with which it is partnered) and features three ICEpower Class D amplifiers delivering a total of 480 watts. Frequency response is rated at 45Hz to 10kHz. Each speaker features two 18cm bass drivers driven by 2 x 106W Class D ICEpower amplifiers, a 50mm aluminum-cone midrange driver powered by an 80W amplifier and a 20mm coated-fabric dome tweeter, again driven by an 80W ICEpower amplifier. The tweeter uses Acoustic Lens Technology to disperse high-frequency sounds in a 180-degree pattern to widen listeners’ sweet spots.

A three-position switch adjusts speaker response according to speaker-mounting location.

New surround speakers pack big sound into minimal design

Bang & Olufsen announces the launch of its wall-hugging BeoLab 12-2 speakers. The latest addition to the BeoLab 12 family makes the ultimate set of rear speakers for discerning surround sound enthusiasts, but also delivers outstanding performance as a pair of music speakers. And all from a compact sculptural design that complements the rest of the art on your wall.

Bang & Olufsen announced today the launch of BeoLab 12-2, the latest addition to its collection of dedicated wall speakers specially created to add rich aural landscapes to flat screen television viewing. BeoLab 12-2 is the ideal choice as rear speakers in a dream surround sound setup. With their diminutive form factor and sculptural elegance, finding room for them on most walls becomes an aesthetic pleasure rather than a decorating compromise. And despite their modest size, the new speakers are exceptionally outgoing and generous in their acoustic performance.

BeoLab 12-2 joins the slightly larger BeoLab 12-3, launched earlier this year, as the company’s first dedicated wall speakers created for rooms featuring flat screen televisions. Together, BeoLab 12-3 and 12-2 comprise a unique surround setup based on a consistent design idiom and best-in-breed audio performance. True to their heritage, the sinuous shape of the new BeoLab 12-2 – also designed by David Lewis Designers – conceals a team of muscular components that are up to any challenge. New ICEpower amplifier technology and a slimmed down power supply deliver no less than 320 watts, more than enough to keep pace with the wildest action scenesHollywood can come up with – and ample power to fire up you music collection.

The choice of the flat, 6½ inch CosCone woofer was inspired by Bang & Olufsen’s extensive experience in high-end automotive audio systems to ensure crisp bass. Excellent low-frequency dispersion is achieved by pointing the woofer against the wall – but you wouldn’t know that from looking at the compact design.

Topping off the sound spectrum is the ingenious tweeter powered by Bang & Olufsen’s proprietary Acoustic Lens Technology. This shapely dynamo spreads high frequencies horizontally in a full 180 degrees, so you can sit anywhere in front of the speakers and still enjoy razor-sharp definition. To improve the listening experience even more, BeoLab 12-2 can be hung with the Acoustic Lens up or down, placing it at the optimal height for where you sit.

“We’re thrilled to add these speakers to the BeoLab 12 collection,” says Michael Jensen, product manager at Bang & Olufsen. “Design and sound fans can now create a high-performance surround setup that is an integrated whole, both aesthetically and acoustically. But we also expect BeoLab 12-2 to appeal to a lot of music lovers just looking for a discreet way to enjoy great sound.”

BeoLab 12-2 are available exclusively at Bang & Olufsen shops from 7 June, 2012.

BeoLab 12-3 / 12-2 technical specifications

Cabinet: Aluminium and composite materials (sealed box cabinet principle)

Cabinet volume: Bass: 2.0 litres; Midrange: 0.2 litres

Drivers: 2 x 180mm Coscone, 1x 50mm Mid-range, 1 x 20mm High-frequency

Colour: (Cabinet/Front): White/Silver

Power Consumption: Typical 25 W; Networked standby 0.4 W

Power amplifier, bass: 2 x 160 W, Class D, ICEpower

Power amplifier, mid-range: 1 x 80 W, Class D, ICEpower

Power amplifier, tweeter 1 x 80 W, Class D, ICEpower

Effective frequency range: 45.3 - 23,900 Hz

Sensitivity: 88 dB SPL re 125 mVrms re 1m

Bass capability: 79.9 dB @ 50 Hz


Connections: 2 x Power Link; 1 x Line-in via Power Link

Accessories: Wall bracket

BeoLab 12-3 Dimensions (W x H x D/Weight): 94.2 x 22 x 5.5 cm / 6 kg

BeoLab 12-2 Specifications:

Material : Aluminum & composite materials

Colours: Cabinet/Cover: Silver/White

Power Consumption: Typical: 25 W; Standby: 0.4 W

BeoLab 12-2 Dimensions (W x H x D/Weight): 62.2 x 22 x 5.5 cm / 4kg

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