BeoLab 20 WISA Active Loudspeakers

BeoLab Loudspeaker

Production: 05/2014 - present

Announced 15 May 2014 and replacing the BeoLab 9, Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab 20 is a high-end wireless floor-standing speaker system with Acoustic Lens technology providing 180-degree horizontal dispersion to push out high-frequency sound evenly throughout the room. The Lens minimises the effect of floor and ceiling reflections in order to reduce unwanted distortion – the aluminium base elevates the cabinet to enhance performance as well.

Each speaker’s integrated sub-woofer, with two 160-watt class-D amplifiers and a 25cm driver, is sealed away within an independent 18-litre enclosure. Bang & Olufsen’s Adaptive Bass Linearisation constantly monitors and adapts low frequencies, helping to deliver extreme bass without risking sub-woofer damage when playing at full volume. And finally, there are two more 160-watt class-D amplifiers dedicated to a 125mm driver for mid-range frequencies and 20mm tweeter.

The speakers are WiSA-compliant so they are capable of up to 96kHz/24-bit audio resolution (which is better than CD-quality) and will work with other WiSA compliant components. As for hard connections, the speaker has two Power Link (RJ45) ports, one RCA and one TOSLINK (optical digital).

Both the vertically-oriented, floor-standing BeoLab 20 and the BeoVision Avant have within them the proprietary Immaculate Wireless Sound technology which the company has featured within its other speakers making effortless interconnection between devices.

With its minimalist lines and relatively small footprint, the new BeoLab 20 gives little indication of the expansive musicality that lies within. But turn on the music – and turn up the volume – and even the most discerning music aficionados can prepare to discover just how good their favourite tracks can actually sound.

According to Michael Langager, Vice President Core Business, Bang & Olufsen’s latest floor speaker is the result of an innovation process that draws on the company’s design traditions and on its extensive experience in creating audio systems for high-end automobiles. “BeoLab 20 demonstrates everything we’ve learned about engineering radically good sound into small spaces over the last 10 years” he says. “With these speakers, we give sophisticated technology a very simple challenge: make great music sound exactly the way the artist intended it to be heard.”

Cultivated power and an innovative new sound engine

The all-new digital sound engine provides more processing power than any other speaker of this size. Why should a music lover care? Because the authoritative new engine lets Bang & Olufsen’s audio engineers push performance to parts come together in a sculptural minimalism that enhances any room”.

The iconic Acoustic Lens tweeter, a tour de force of metalworking craftsmanship, spreads high frequencies evenly around the room in a full 180 degrees. So whether your favourite listening position is the sofa or a lounge chair, your spot is the sweet spot. The aluminium base lifts the cabinet to float gracefully above the floor – and enhances bass performance. Even the back of the speaker is visually intriguing for a reason: the soft-black cooling grill disperses heat so the powerful drivers can deliver everything they’ve got, without overheating.

All of the sound, none of the wires

Bang & Olufsen was the first manufacturer to incorporate the groundbreaking WiSA platform, and BeoLab 20 is the company’s latest Immaculate Wireless Sound speaker. With WiSA’s robust, multi-channel digital audio streaming, BeoLab 20 lets you enjoy premium listening experiences without compromising the integrity of your interior design.

BeoLab 20 Press Release 15 May 2014

BeoLab 20 WISA Active Loudspeakers technical specifications




Class D amplifiers:


- in: Sample rate 32k, 44.1k, 48k, 96k / PCM16-24 bit
- out: Sample rate 48k / PCM 24 bit

Wireless (WiSA compliant)

Adaptive Bass Linearisation (ABL)
Free/Wall/Corner switch
Thermal protection
Line sense - auto on /off

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