Beolab 200 Amplifier for Beovox Loudspeakers

BeoLab Loudspeaker

Production: 1989 - 05/1991

Designer: Lone and Gideon Lindinger-Lowy

The Beolab 200 was a power amplifier delivering 150 watts of mono sound and was made specially to both power and to sit beneath a Beovox Penta loudspeaker. It gave music a tremendous lift by the power which it could deliver.  Normally, Beovox Penta speakers - as passive loudspeakers - were driven by a separate amplifier, but with either Beolab 150 or Beolab 200 the user had the possibility of powering the speakers individually.

Each of these components were ‘penta’ shaped in that they had five sides.  The Beolab 200 was positioned at the bottom of the Penta column loudspeaker and  turned itself on automatically when it received an incoming signal. It also automatically turned itself off three minutes after receiving its last signal. Inbuilt circuits were included which prevented distortion to the sound and damage to the speakers by softly rounding off signals which were too powerful. Another automatic circuit prevented damage to the drivers due to prolonged overloading.

Both BeoLab 150 and 200 were used as part of the BeoLab Penta active loudspeakers range. Each unit was connected by using a choice of either DIN sockets or two clip-sockets and there was also a Power Link socket for connection to newer Bang & Olufsen components. A line input phono socket was also provided and the whole unit was connected to the mains.

The Beolab 200, like the Beolab 150, was sold in pairs.

Beolab 200 Amplifier for Beovox Loudspeakers technical specifications

Market Type Intro. year Last sold
  1731 1989 05-91
AUS 1735 1989 11-90
GB 1732 1989 04-91
J 1734 1989 04-91
USA 1733 1989 10-90


Power output 20 - 20,000 Hz IHF 1 x 150 W / 8 ohms
Power output RMS DIN/IEC 1 x 175 W / 8 ohms
Power output music 1 x 225 W / 8 ohms
Total harmonic distortion < 0.015 %
Intermodulation distortion IHF < 0.02 %
Wideband damping factor IHF 150
Dynamic headroom IHF > 1.5 dB / 8 ohms
SN A-weighted 1 W IHF > 78 dB
S/N A-weighted 150 W > 100 dB
LINE input 80 mV / 1W, 10 V / 150 W, 150 kohms
22 kohms, phono plugs
Speaker input 800 mV / 1 W, 10 V / 150 W, 15 kohms
DIN 4-pin or spring loaded contacts
Bass level switch Linear, +3 dB / 40 Hz, +6 dB / 40 Hz
Sensitivity switch 0 dB, -3 dB, -6 dB
Power supply 1731 230V
1735 240V
1732 240V
1734 100V
1733 120V
Power frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions W x H x D 5 x 13 x 25 cm
Weight 7 kg

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