Miscellaneous Furniture

Production: 1986 - 1995

As the name suggests, our interior designers were inspired by ancient Greek architecture to create the Attyca range. The result is a modern interpretation of a classical theme – similar in concept to the music and video systems which Attyca is designed to house. From these two stylish modules you can create the perfect framework for your Bang & Olufsen systems or for any other. And while there's abundant space for records, tapes and videos, careful attention to detail has ensured that the overall effect is clean and pleasing. Leads and sockets are discretely tucked away at the back of the modules.

The Attyca storage system gave the Bang & Olufsen music system user two flexible furniture modules as well as storage for tapes, records and videos. There were two forms of Attyca furniture:

Attyca 1 - both aesthetic and practical in its basic idea. Hidden wiring added to the overall impression of Attyca's elegance

Attyca 2 - the larger of the two Attyca furniture modules, built for Bang & Olufsen's sound and video systems as well as for a selection of tapes, records and videos you wanted to have close at hand.

Attyca 1 and 2 could be placed together to give the total entertainment hi-fi and video system in one attractive unit.

Attyca technical specifications

Attyca 1 Specifications

Type: 2091, 2093 
2091 (1986 - Dec 1987) 
2093 (1987 - Dec 1994) 
Dimensions (WxHxD): 100 x 56 x 44cm 

Attyca 2 Specifications 

Types: 2092, 2094 
2092 (1986 - Dec 1987) 
2094 (1987 - April 1995) 

Dimensions (WxHxD): 157 x 56 x 44

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