BeoCenter 2


Production: 2004 - present

Documents: Owners Manual, Service Manual

After the radical departure from its norm with the BeoLab 5 speaker Bang & Olufsen returned to its more traditional principles with the new BeoCenter 2. Bang & Olufsen is a company of futuristic designs (or certainly designs which stand out from the crowds and which withstand the rigours of time) and BeoCenter 2 is no exception. Dressed in brushed aluminium, it featured rather exotic doors on the top which glided silently apart upon pressing the ‘load’ button. Other details included concealed cabling and a good-sized display which could be read from a distance and which changed brightness according to room lighting conditions.

BeoCenter 2 was an integrated and versatile audio and video system offering easy access to CD audio, AM/FM Radio and DVD video. Extra options such as DAB radio and Internet radio playback could be added, via connectors for a PC or a Mac.

Its presentation was one of pure aesthetics. BeoCenter 2 featured the following specification: FM/AM radio with 99 radio presets, DVD-Video, Video-CD, Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-MP#, CD-WMA, DivX, JPEG playback support. It also supported NTSC and PAL formats. For an exceptional picture and sound experience, it could be combined with Bang & Olufsen television and any BeoLab loudspeaker such as BeoLab 8000.

It comprised of two units: a control panel and a separate socket unit. The two units were linked together by a single cable. The control unit is therefore cleared of all cables and cords while the socket unit was used to connect to all the speakers and related components. This socket unit - in the form of a black box - could be hidden under a piece of furniture or behind a curtain, to hide the usual mess of intertwining cables.

BeoCenter 2 could be mounted and displayed on a wall, attached to a floor ot table stand or placed on a shelf. The product had a unique soft-touch control pad which was made from polished aluminum. The unit also responded to human touch in that it was activated upon gliding a finger across its ‘wheel’.

There were two versions of BeoCenter 2 (Mark I and Mark II) together with the audio-only version (not fitted with SCART connector. There is the aluminium and steel versions, which looked very similar uless compared side-by-side. The DAB+ was introduced June 2010 (Mark II and audio-only versions).

‘Tactile feedback’ (a slight ‘clicking’ sound when any of the buttons on the BeoCenter 2 facia was pressed) was introduced on the Mark II version.

BeoCenter 2 technical specifications

Master unit: ALL 2801 2003-12 Master Unit 1280014
Socket unit: Socket Unit 1280005
EU2, DVD region 2 2811 2004-01 Floor Stand 1217011
EU3, DVD region 3 2812 2004-01 Wall Bracket 1217111
EU4, DVD region 3 2813 2004-01
EU5, DVD region 4 2814 2004-01 Cables Part Numbers:
GB2, DVD region 2 2815 2004-01 1.8 metre 6270086
GB3, DVD region 3 2816 2004-01 3.0 metre 6270087
US1, DVD region 1 2817 2003-12 5.0 metre 6270088
US4, DVD region 4 2818 2003-12 10.0 metre 6270089
JP2, DVD region 2 2819 2004-01
AU4, DVD region 4 2820 2004-01
TW3, DVD region 3 2821 2004-01
KR3, DVD region 3 2822 2004-01
LA4, DVD region 4 2823 2004-01
Master unit
Dimensions W x H x D, Master unit 372 x 50 x 243 mm (without standard feet)
37 x 15 x 23 cm (with standard feet)
Weight, Master unit 4.5 kg
Cabinet finish, Master unit Silver
DVD/CD Disc sizes 12 cm and 8 cm (in adaptor)
IR-remote control Beo 4
Close-up operation panels Sensi-touch piezo-electrical keyboards
Display type Vacuum Fluorescent Display with automatic light intensity control
Loader Motorized doors and loader
Contains DVD, DVD-loader, Display, Keyboard
Socket unit
Dimensions W x H x D, Socket unit 536 x 150 x 55 mm (without wall bracket)
54 x 15 x 6.5 cm (with wall bracket)
Weight, Socket unit 2.8 kg
Cabinet finish, Socket unit Black
Power supply, EU, GB, US, KOR
Power supply, JPN, US, TWN 187 - 264 V / 50-60 Hz
85 - 132 V / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption typical 22 watts / stand-by < 2 watts
Contains Radio, sound processing, video switching, power supply, main microprocessor
Audio Performance:
CD naming: 200 discs can be named
Sampling frequencies: 44.1, 48, 96 kHz
D/A Conversion: Sigma-Delta type
Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz CD/DVD/AUX, 30Hz - 15kHz Radio, FM
Playback: DVD-Video, Video CD, CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-MP3
Signal-to-noise-ratio: > 105dB, A weighted, in CD mode
Tone controls: Bass, Treble, Loudness, Balance
Radio, FM: 87.5 - 108.0 MHz, 76 - 90 MHz JPN, De-emphasis 50/75ms, Grid 12.5 kHz to 50kHz
Radio, AM: 150 - 1710 kHz in two bands, Grid 225, 250, 300, 450 or 500 Hz
RDS: Name, RadioText, Clock
Naming: 60 stations
Digital output: Stereo and Encoded surround sound
Linear PCM, AC-3, MPEG-2, DTS
Video Performance:
Formats RGB, S-Video (Y/C), CVBS (Composite video)
DVD Zone According to Region
Colour system PAL/NTSC depends on region setting
Signal/Noise ratio > 60 dB, typ 70 dB
Crosstalk (video/video) < - 55 dB
Diff. Phase < 3o
Bandwidth ³ 4.8MHz PAL, ³ 4.3MHz NTSC
Widescreen Signalling Data to signal the aspect ratio.
Analogue copy protection According to DVD standard dependant upon disc copy protection ON/OFF bit (DVD discs only)

Master unit
Headphone / Mini-jack 1
Special transmission cable between Master and Socket unit 1, special transmission cable between Master and Socket unit
Socket unit
AV (SCART) 1 AV Link 21-pin socket, CVBS, Y/C, RGB selectable output
S-video (Y/C output) 1 Mini DIN, 4-p
Control (CTRL) 1 mini-jack
Video (CVBS output) 1 Phono socket, yellow
Audio Line out 2 Phono socket, L/R
Audio AUX 4 Phono socket, inputL/R / output L/R
Digital output 1 Phono socket, orange
Master Link 1
Power link 1
FM antenna, 75 ohm 1
AM antenna (dedicated) 1
Mains connector 1
Loader unit 1, special transmission cable between Master and Socket unit

Most recent S/W Non Dab 1.3 Dab 2.0 Socket unit 3.2

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