BeoLink Wireless 1


Production: 2006 - present

With BeoLink Wireless 1 (Type 1780)  the user could connect any loudspeaker from the current range of Bang & Olufsen products remotely to an audio master system. Cables were no longer required to enjoy CD-quality stereo sound anywhere in the house. Every bit of information was transmitted in the uncompressed form via robust wireless technology, whether the source was a computer, CD, radio or TV sound. There were no audible delays, no fall-outs, and no interference.

BeoLink Wireless 1 could act as either a transmitter or a receiver but for it to function the user required at least one of each. It was tidy and compact and could be placed on a shelf or mounted on a wall or in the ceiling. Alternatively, it could be placed somewhere out of sight. Installation was easy as there were no cables required.

Setting up the units was easy too in that the user just had to slide a switch to that of ‘transmitter’ or ‘receiver,’ place the two units relatively close to each other and press the ‘connect’ buttons to allow them to ‘talk to’ and to register with one other. Once that was done the set up was complete.

In theory, one could have up to 21 sets of link speakers playing at the same time if you just added a couple of transmitters around the house.

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