A3 Storage Shelf

Miscellaneous Furniture

Production: 2000 - unknown

The 1,80m tall A3 Storage Shelf could accommodate up to 180 compact discs and was designed to stand on a floor leaning against a wall (special wall fitments were available for extra rigidity). Like the A1 CD Storage Unit, this shelving system was manufactured from quality knot-free timber with professional dowels and jointing to permit up to 20kg being stored.

The shelves were designed to stop compact discs from slipping and the whole unit rested on its own adjustable rubberised feet for standing upon a hard floor (cone-shaped metal feet were included for use on carpets). The A3 storage Shelf was manufactured in a choice of materials including lacquered and oiled cherry, pale lacquered maple or black-lacquered koto.

A3 Storage Shelf technical specifications

Type no.                       1214226, 1214201, 1214203

Dimensions W x H x D 1820 x 250 x 510 mm

Weight                          7,3 kg

Finish                            Cherry wood, Maple wood, Black lacquered koto


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