Beocom 1000

BeoCom Telephone

Production: 1986 - 1992

The Beocom 1000 and Beocom 2000 were introduced at the same time by Bang & Olufsen. However, whereas the Beocom 2000 model was fitted with an LCD display panel, speakerphone loudspeaker and volume control, the Beocom 1000 version was released as a budget model and accordingly offered none of these additions.

However, call reception was equally as clear on its high-quality internal earpiece and up to ten 20-digit telephone numbers could be stored for instant recall.

Beocom 1000 technical specifications

Corded, analogue telephone 
Dimensions WxHxD: 210 x 80 x 210mm (with handset) 
Weight: 900g (handset 115g ) 
Placement: desktop 
Finish: black, blue, green, red 

Memory (Phonebook): 10 numbers 
Redial: 1 numbers 
Quick call / service 3 buttons 

Features: Volume control 
Microphone mute 
Ringer settings

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