BeoLit de Luxe (TR38)

BeoLit De Luxe

Production: 1961 - 1964


The battery, protected by a plastic case, is easily and quickly exchanged. Large B&O high-quality loudspeaker assures superb tone quality.

Beolit de Luxe FM (TR36) has unsurpassed dependability of operation, thanks to the use of B&O printed circuit boards throughout and is well suited for use as a car radio.

The Beolit de Luxe FM (TR36) has a built-in 'Radiator' (a small moving coil meter) that puts you in a position to check the condition of your battery at any time. The Radiator is also a tuning aid. The Beolit de Luxe FM (TR36) may be used for direction finding. "

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