BeoMaster 5500

BeoMaster Tuner/Amplifier

Production: 1986 - 03/1990

Documents: Owners Manual, Schematic

Following on from the Beomaster 5000, this updated receiver - Beomaster 5500 -  looked very similar on the outside. On the inside few changes had been made; the most significant update had been made to the way that the remote control functioned.  Now based upon Beolink codes (previously every system had its own remote control ‘codes’ whereby only that one product could be controlled) the move was one based upon product integration and standardization. So, the Beolink which you bought with your Beosystem 5500 could also be used on other newer products within the B&O range, and even today, after more than twenty years’ service this is still the case.

Whereas the Beomaster 5000 could be opened up from the front to control a certain number of its features, this was not the case with Beomaster 5500 when the whole of the fascia remained rigid.  A small headphone socket was placed on the front of the receiver, and along with a few other re-design features, that was all that was carried out on this product renewal.

Powered by its own 55 Watt amplifier, the receiver could provide source details illuminated on the new Beolab Penta loudspeakers which had just been released with Beosystem 5500.  In this way, one could see the source being played on the front of the column speaker’s front cabinet.

Beomaster 5500 was replaced by the similar-looking Beomaster 6500.

BeoMaster 5500 technical specifications

2331 (1986 - March 1990) 
AUS 2335 (1986 - Aug 1989) 
GB 2332 (1986 - March 1990) 
J 2334 (1986 - Oct 1989) 
US 2333 (1986 - Dec 1989) 
Long-term max. output power IEC 2 z 110 / 8 ohms 
Power output 20 - 20,000 Hz IHF 2 x 50 W / 8 ohms 
Total harmonic distortion IHF < 0.09 % / 8 ohms 20 - 20,000 Hz 
Intermodulation IHF < 0.1 % 
Signal-to-noise ratio: 
TAPE A-weighted: >78 d 
PHONO A-weighted: >80 dB 
Channel separation: 10000 Hz 60 dB 
FM range 87.5 - 108 MHz 
LW range 150 - 350 kHz 
MW range 520 - 1610 kHz 

Power supply: 
2331: 220 V 
2332/2335: 240 V 
2334: 100 V 
Power consumption. max 225 W 
Dimensions W x H x D: 42 x 7.5 x 32.5cm 
Weight: 8.5 kg 

RIAA amplifier: built-in 

Connections: Beocord Tape 1 7 pole DIN, Datalink 
Beocord Tape 2 7 pole DIN, Datalink 
Beogram CD 7 pole DIN, Datalink 
Beogram LP 7 pole DIN, Datalink 
Beovox/BeoLab 4 pole DIN 
Beovision 7 pole DIN, Datalink 
Link room: Speaker set Master Control Link 
Line IN/OUT Phono plugs 
Extra speakers Phono plugs 

Link compatibility: Master Control Link

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