LCS 9000

BeoVox Loudspeaker

Production: 1993 - 1995

The LCS9000 was an active loudspeaker designed for around-the-house sound through a Beolink system. It was an all-in-one loudspeaker unit containing stereo loudspeakers at both ends, an IR transceiver and a built-in amplifier.

The system made less daunting the prospect of starting a domestic Beolink system in that simplicity was a key right from the onset.

Becuase it used the (old) MCL system all that was required was a music system - like the Beocenter 9500, say - to connect it via a cable and a set of 3-pin loudspeaker plugs. It worked reasonably well, even though the sound itself was of a lesser quality than a main B&O system.  It was based on similar technical specifications to that of a pair of CX50 loudspeakers receiving their signal from an inbuilt MCL2P amplification unit. If using with a slightly newer Beocenter 2300 or 2500, an MCL2P power amplifier would still be needed for it to function.

All in all, the LCS9000 was an effective way of obtaining sound in another room while still using the main music system.  It was relatively cheaper than bying a whole new (Bang & Olufsen) music centre, and tidier too.

The BeoLab 3500 succeeded this earlier loudspeaker. It was based on the newer MasterLink system.

New from Bang & Olufsen is the Local Control System 9000 active loudspeaker. Built in a single aluminium ‘tube’, the LCS 9000 combines a stereo pair of two-way reflex-loaded enclosures with complex active control and power amplifier circuits which enable it to be operated remotely from a Beolink equipped audio or audio/visual system—in a kitchen, say, or a spare room. The central panel combines an LED display, infrared receiver and two “sensi-touch” fields for hands-on operation. In normal day-to-day operation the LCS 9000 is controlled from a Beolink 1000, when its display provides information about the relevant operation in the main system.

The loudspeakers’ enclosures have a net volume of just 0,8 litre each. The integral power amplifiers are tailored by an active crossover circuit which includes B&O’s Adaptive Bass Linearisation circuit to optimise bass reproduction at all volume levels; the circuit also monitors the output to prevent overload conditions damaging the drivers. The £900 LCS 900 measures 1120 x 95 x 110mm and may be fitted to a wall or mounted on its optional (E50 extra) stand.

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