Beovision AV9000 Beo4


Production: 1991 - 09/1996

Beovision AV9000 Beo4 was a revised system which had updated software to function with the Beo4 remote control terminal which had just been released on the market.

Beovision AV9000 Beo4 technical specifications


Dimensions W x H x D: 70.5 x 108 x 60 cm
Weight AV 9000 monitor: 46.5 kg
Control Center with Video Tape: 45 kg
Cabinet finish: Black
Daily operation recommended: Beo4
Sound processing: Dolby Surround Sound, Pro-logic decoder
Sound modes: (sound 1-5) Mono (Center speaker), Stereo, Dolby-3 stereo, Stereo-4, Dolby Surround Sound
Stand turning function: +/- 33 degrees, remote operated
Power consumption, AV monitor: 75 - 200 W, 7 W
AV Control Center: Max 120 W, 15 W
AV 9000 Monitor:
Picture tube/visual picture: Anti-reflex coated, 70 cm - 28″/66 cm - 26″, Black Line S, Black Matrix
Contrast screen: Grey glass, anti-reflex coated
Vision Clear: Auto picture adjustment, Auto cut-off, Wideband CTI, Dynamic Luminance Peaking
Teletext: Improved teletext, Fastext, 6 laguages, memory
TV tunes/monitor/video:
Tuner range: VHF, S, Hyper, UHF, 89, Nicam + A2
Video Tape functions:
Video playing time, E-240: SP 4 hours, LP 8 hours
Audio playing time, E-240: LP 8 hours
Fast forward/rewind: Less than 5 minutes
Slow motion: 1/7 x normal speed
Still picture: Noiseless
Cue: 2 x and 7 x normal speed
Recording system: HQ
Sound system: Hi-Fi stereo, video/audio
Stereo decoders: Nicam + A2
Playback NTSC: AV
Timer record programming: 8, 1 year, TV, SAT, FM, AM
VPS system: Built-in
Center speaker:
Sound Pressure Level: 97 dB (mono)
Frequency range: +4 dB - 8 dB 60 - 20,000 Hz
Cabinet principle/Net volume: Bass Reflex/2.4 litres
Woofer: 11.5 cm
Tweeter: 1.8 cm
Crossover frequency: 3200 Hz
Market specifications:

Market: CTV system
7970 Europe B/G/L
7971 France B/G/L/L´
7972 GB B/G/L/I
7974 Italy B/G/L
7975 AUS B/G
7976 East Europe B/G/D/K


Video:- Tape 2/decoder AV 2, 21-pin AV Link
Camcorder / Auxiliary 3 x phono sockets
Camera pause Mini Jack
S-VHS Y-C playback 4-pin socket
Audio: 1 x Master Link

Link compatibility:

Master Link

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