BeoSystem 5000


Production: 1983 - 05/1986

Designer: Jacob Jensen


Comprising the following products, the Beosystem 5000 was Bang & Olufsen’s answer to the many stacking systems which were appearing on the world’s sound stage in the early 1980s:


BeoSystem 5000 technical specifications

Connections: 2 cassette decks (one with A/B monitoring); record deck; Aux/CD player; graphic equalizer; Aux power amplifier socket having built-in pre-amp. 

All sockets were duplicated in DIN and RCA types. 2 pairs speakers. Stereo headphones. 

Data-link connections to associated Bang & Olufsen sound sources. AM and FM aerials. 

NB - Beosystem MCP5000 could also control various functions of Beocord VHS 91 video cassette recorder: 
Play functions: Play-stop 
Search counter: Yes 
Rewind/fast forward: Yes 
Record functions: Start-pause-stop 
Master Control Link: MCL 

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