BeoMaster 3000 (1969)

BeoMaster Tuner/Amplifier

Production: 1969 - 1972

Documents: Service Manual, Service Manual

Beomaster 3000 (Type 2402) was necessary for Bang & Olufsen in that it utilised the full design capabilities of Jacob Jensen - who would go on to win many awards for his designs of music centres and hi-fi components for the company - and was a product which was labelled true ‘High-Fidelity’ in that it matched the exacting standards imposed by the German Industrial standard DIN 45500. Whereas other products in the range (such as Beomaster 9001000 and 1200) would be labeled as mere ‘Audio’ products, Beomaster 3000 and its bigger brother, the Beolab 5000 System held this more imposing status and thus commanded more interest from audiophiles. Bang & Olufsen, of course, could also charge a premium for its production.

The receiver delivered 2 x 40W of pure unabashed sound and was controlled by Jacob Jensen’s slide-rule controls. The whole layout looked good and was easy to operate, with controls positioned logically.

Five preset FM stations with AFC could be used. There were connections for two pairs of powerful loudspeakers and a wide range of both DIN and RCA sockets permitted both Bang & Olufsen products to be connected as well as those of other manufacturers.

Quite a long-lasting product in the B&O range, the last form of Beomaster 3000 was the Beocenter 3500 which was not withdrawn from the product range until 1977.

Bang & Olufsen with Jacob Jensen were given 1970  iF Award for their design of the Beomaster 3000.

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