BeoVision 11


Production: 11/2012 - present

Replacing the BeoVision 10, we at think that the BeoVision 11 looks very similar to the now defunct BeoVision 5, (and works by Hiroshi Sugimoto) only thinner and using a redesigned frame. Using a screen manufactured by Samsung to Bang & Olufsen’s own specifications, the display gives a 200 Hz-capable panel edge-lit by two strips of LEDs and with a backlight definable down to 16 individual segments of local dimming. The BeoVision 11  is 3D-enabled (even though very few people actually use the technology… but hey, why not include it in the specs at a premium price?)

The purchaser may wall-mount the TV else stand it on the floor using a designer floor stand. Once again, a motorised wall-bracket has been introduced to the range; there’s also a new hinged wall bracket which can tilt the television out to a 90-degree angle (shown below). This too is motorised. Both electric motors will automatically remember viewers’ preferred viewing angles.

Sound is made through a set of two three-way speakers positioned either side at the bottom of the front face. The sound is impressive with plenty of volume and bass.

BeoVision 11 is the first Smart TV in Bang & Olufsen’s range of video products (see below) and (from November 2013) is the first Bang & Olufsen TV tyo be fitted with the open-sourced WiSA wi-fi concept.

The BeoVision 11 includes a double tuner, a 500GB internal HDD (as an option), 6x HDMI, RJ 45 connectivity (for Masterlink, Power Link and home-network), 2 x USB , three-way loudspeaker system with 7.2 surround system set-up, 3DTV technology, Anti-reflex screen and Internet access together with an app for controlling the TV through either Android or iO6. The TV will also auto-update if connected to a home network.

The new television includes a number of new imaging capabilities, including 360° Automatic Picture Control, which detects the lighting conditions in the room - not just in front of the screen, but behind and to the sides - and adjusts the brightness and contrast accordingly.

BeoVision 11 is equipped with a 20mm tweeter, a 50mm midrange driver and a powerful 100mm woofer on the left and right channels in each of the built-in speakers, which are located in front of the TV during the screen.

Each of the six speaker elements supplied by their own dedicated ICEpower amplifier with 32 watts and is installed in pressurised containers with rubber mounts to minimise vibration. An advanced, new digital signal processing algorithm brings everything together and switches between the dedicated sound modes depending on the TV genre: music, sports, drama, movies and so on.

If you want more features BeoVision 11 is a complete digital surround sound module that uses up to 12 channels of audio by the Bang & Olufsen True Image algorithm which handles upmix and downmix audio signals according to the number of audio channels in the incoming signal to speakers in your setup.

Prices of the BeoVision 11 start at €5,995.  As a first for Bang & Olufsen, the TV will work with most other manufacturers’ speakers too.


The BeoVision 11 is Bang & Olufsen’s first foray into the realms of Smart TV. As well as the available apps, the user can also use an on-screen browser which inputs through a Qwerty keyboard. On-screen apps include : iPlayer, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter among others.

There’s an optional HDD inside the set to which one can record TV programmes; there’s also a twin-tuner facility in order to record one channel while watching another (or simply Time Shift TV programmes).

The BeoVision 11 comes in three panel sizes : 40”, 46” and 50”.  Altogether there are 24 colour combinations to choose from in total, given that there’s either a black or silver frame; black or white rear and six different speaker grill shades: white, black, petrol blue, dark grey, silver and red.

BeoVision 11 technical specifications

BeoVision 11 Main Specifications

Motorised floor stand : to turn the TV to either side by remote control
Motorised wall bracket : to change the viewing angle by remote control up to 90 degrees
Wall bracket with manual turn : to change the viewing angle manually up to 90 degrees (available in left or right-hinged versions)
Easel stand : TV placed in a slightly tilted-back angle
Speakers : Right and left channel: 1 x50mm midrange, 1 x 20mm tweeter; closed cabinet; both powered by separate 32 W Class D ICEpower amplifiers
Bass : 2 x 100mm woofer; powered by separate 32 W Class D ICEpower amplifier.
Thermal protection : All units are insulated to eliminate the risk of damage due to overheating at high volumes (up to approximately 103 dB/volume level 90)
Sound modes : Nine pre-programmed modes for films, drama, sports, music, gaming and so on. The mode pre-sets can be adapted in the advanced settings menu. Automatic detection of and switch to dedicated sound sources (e.g. gaming console or Blu-ray player)
Surround Sound : BeoVision 11 offers a full digital surround decoder module that delivers up to 12 audio channels using Bang & Olufsen¹s TrueImage™ processor. TrueImage™ technology dynamically handles up and down-mixing of audio signals to match the number of audio channels in the incoming signal with the available loudspeakers, giving audio performance unparalleled by any other television
Screen type : 3D via active shutter glasses, 200/240 Hz LCD panel with edge-type LED backlight and 1.5 D local dimming. Glare polariser, combined with anti-reflection coating, significantly reduces reflections from incoming light
Motion compensation : By quadrupling the rate at which video frames are displayed, and then using advanced interpolation techniques to calculate additional intermediate frames, BeoVision 11 effectively cancels “judder” to provide a naturally fluid viewing experience of sports and other motion-centric content
Adaptive contrast : A Bang & Olufsen algorithm which provides exceptional performance and contrast in very dark scenes when viewed in a bright room or when sunlight hits the screen. Digital noise reduction    Optimised in the video engine
Adaptive mode : default    Picture settings are continuously optimised depending on source material and viewing conditions
Film mode : For film fans who prefer to watch film material with the colour temperature (white point) as it was intended by the film director. This often results in the picture becoming warmer (more reddish). Film mode can be set up for one or several specific sources, e.g. a Blu-ray player, from which most film material will originate
Game mode : For gamers who want to connect BeoVision 11 to a game console, this mode reduces video input-to-output delay to a minimum and provides fast, direct response from game controls or a computer mouse. While this affects some video motion features, it adds essential advantages for optimal gaming experience
360 degree Automatic Picture Control sensor : Measures ambient light on all sides of the TV, to better evaluate and adjust for the effects of reflected light from, for example, white walls. This provides significantly improved automatic adjustment of contrast and brightness, as ambient light evaluation is very close to what viewers actually perceive.
Electronic curtains : Opens up for the TV experience when the scene is set. Standard in all screen sizes
Smart TV

Hybrid broadband TV : HbbTV is a major new pan-European initiative that is intended to harmonise the broadcast and broadband delivery of entertainment content. HbbTV will provide a wealth of new consumer services from content providers and brands, including catch-up TV, interactive advertising, personalisation, voting, gaming and social networking. It will also provide programme-related services such as digital text, EPGs and supplemental information during broadcast. BeoVision 11 supports HbbTV. Content is defined by broadcasters, and not all broadcasters will offer the service
Remote : Beo4, Beo6 or BeoRemote app for iPad or Android tablet
Integrated DVB : An optional hard disk for recording digital broadcasts can be integrated inside the TV and controlled from the remote. It is not available in all markets.
Multi-room audio : BeoVision 11 uses DLNA but also connects to Bang & Olufsen’s analogue Master Link system via a BeoLink Converter. This allows users to use BeoVision 11 as a master in an A/V setup to play music in other rooms connected to the Master Link setup.


DLNA compatibility : BeoVision 11 works as a DMP (Digital Media Player), meaning that it can play content from other DLNA compatible devices, including a BeoSound 5
Connection to third-party devices : Set-top boxes, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, Apple TV (which may be placed inside the cabinet), NAS servers and hard disks; the integrated media browser lets the user view photo collections or listen to music on a USB drive or NAS server

Accessories : Stands and different coloured fabric fronts

Difference between models:

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