Beovision LS4500


Production: 1990 - 03/1992

A rebadged Beovision L4500, the Beovision LS4500 was a 25″ multi-standard colour television complete with NICAM sand A2 stereo modules. It was also fitted with Datalink and Power Link connectors for use with Beolab active loudspeakers.

A very good selection of finishes was available for this TV and a contrast screen finished with a metallised coating ensured excellent viewing.

A full-range speaker system was included and the sound obtained was rich and warm.  The set was prepared for use with the Beosat LM satellite decoder.

A Beocord V3000 was the recommended VHS video recorder to be used for the recording and playback of TV programmes.

The television was subsequently replaced by the Beovision LS5000.

Beovision LS4500 technical specifications

Beovision LS4500 Specifications 
EDS 3691 (1990 - Dec 1991) 
EDT 3631 (1990 - Feb 1992) 
FMS 3638 (1990 - March 1992) 
MST 3630 (1990 - Dec 1991) 
MTS 3688 (1990 - Nov 1991) 
CTV system: multi-standard B/G/L (GB version: PAL I) 
Colour system: PAL/SECAM, NTSC A/V 4.43 MHz / 3.58 MHz 
Picture tube (Visual picture): 63cm (59cm) 
Picture tube system: flat square, Hi-Bri, In-Line 110 degrees 
Contrast screen: with metallised coating 
Design: Wide format cabinet 

Main features: 
Operation Beolink 1000, one-way (prepared for two-way) 
Sound centre balance: between BeoLab and Beovision speakers 

Provisional specifications: 
Sound system: built-in Nicam EU + A2 stereo decoder 
Built-in: NICAM EU + A2 dual language 
TV tuner range 46 - 855 MHZ: VHF, S, Hyper, UHF 
No. of TV programmes: 50 
Satellite: prepared for BeoSat LM kit 
No. of satellite programmes: 64 
Signal/noise level: > 35 dB/1 Vpp and antenna signal > 1mV 
Crosstalk between sources > 45 dB / 5 MHz 
Teletext FLOF, TOP, 5 alphabet, 6 alphabet (E) 
Teletext memory: 4 x 50 page nos 
Station identification: via Teletext/station naming 

Speaker system: 
Speaker units: full range 2 x 7.5cm bass reflex 
Crossover frequency: 2500 Hz 
Long-term max. output power: 2 x 40 W / 8 ohms 
Harmonic distortion: < 0.5% at 15 W 
Intermodulation: < 1% 
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 50 dB weighted 50 mV (NICAM > 70 dB) 
Frequency range, audio: 25 - 20,000 Hz +/- 1.5 dB 
Power bandwidth: 25 - 20000 Hz 
Bass control: +/- 8 dB / 100 Hz 
Treble control: +/- 8 dB /10000 Hz 

Power supply: 220 - 240 V 
Power consumption: 100 (75 - 165) W 
Power consumption stand-by: 3 W 
Dimensions W x H x D: 77.5 x 47.5 x 42.5cm 
Weight: 32.6 kg 

Connections: AV Link 2 x 21-pin Euro - sockets 
Super VHS YC playback 4-pin socket 
Audio Aux Link 7-pin socket 
Power Link 2 x 8-pin sockets 
External speakers 2 x 2-pin sockets 
Motorized stand operation 4-pin socket 
Aerial VHF - UHF 75 ohms coaxial socket 
Stereo headphones: jack socket 6 mm 

Link compatibility: Datalink 

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