BeoVision 3502


Production: 1977 - 02/1981

Similar to the Beovision 3802 the Beovision 3502 possessed neither its own remote control facility nor could it be fitted with Teletext.  However, automatic cut-off circuitry was fitted to ensure a correct balance between colors without an engineer coming along to adjust it for you. These really were the days when a call to the local B&O shop was needed on an infrequent basis!

The TV had a choice of three undercarriages: a trolley, it owns fitted castors or a very modern-looking trumpet-shaped stand. It also could be ordered from the Bang & Olufsen store in a choice of either white or a fetching shade of aubergine!

BeoVision 3502 technical specifications

Beovision 3502 Specifications 
3506 (1977 - Jan 1981) 
GB 3507 (1977 - Feb 1981) 
Picture size: 56 cm 
Cabinet: wood veneer 
Start time: 5 sec 
Automatic cut off 
Number of programs 8 VHF - UHF 
Easy touch 
Ranges VHF 2 - 12, UHF 21 - 69 
Speaker: forward-facing pressure chamber 
Deflection angle: 110° in line 
Aerial impedance: 75 ohms coaxial common VHF - UHF 

Sound section: 
Power output EMS: 1000 Hz 6.5 W 
Distortion at specified output: < 0.8 % 
Frequency response: 
Amplifier +/- 1.5: dB: 60 - 15,000 Hz 
Acoustical +/- 10 dB: 60 - 20,000 Hz 
Bass control: +/- 5 dB / 100 Hz 
Treble control: +/- 10 dB / 10,000 Hz 

Power supply: 180 - 265 V 
Power consumption 110 W 
Stand by: 0 W 
Dimensions W x H x D: 61 x 41 x 42cm 
Weight 27 kg 
Finishes: aubergine or white 
Undercarriages: Trumpet stand 3054, Cross-base with castors 3043, Table with castors 3056 

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