BeoVision 4-42 EU


Production: 2004 - 04/2006

Designed to be used with the BeoSystem 2 module, BeoVision 4 could become the focal point of a fully-integrated home-cinema system.

Originally based upon a Panasonic generation 5 plasma display, Bang & Olufsen put their own mark upon it by providing their own colour frames.  These included the following colour finishes:

BeoVision 4-42 EU technical specifications


Dimensions W x H x D
(Dimensions W x H x D incl Wall bracket
1061 x 651 x 100 mm
1061 x 651 x 115 mm
(Dimensions W x H x D incl Table Stand 1061 x 720 x 270 mm
Weight 32 kg
Cabinet finish
Color variants
Frame and front panel are
available in silver
Mains voltage range 220-240V +/- 10%, 50 Hz typical
Power consumption Typical: 265 W, standby: 1.8 W
Power consumption from S/Number: 18390228 Typical: 220 W, standby: 0.6 W
Diagonal picture size 42″ (1056 mm) Plasma display panel
Aspect ratio 16:9 (wide-screen)
Contrast Ratio 4000:1
Contrast Ratio From Serial number: 18390228 3000:1
Pixel count 408,960 pixels (852 × 480 × R, G, B)
Pixel count From Serial number: 18390228 768,432 pixels (1024 x 768 x R, G, B)
Viewing angle 160°
Contrast screen  picture when
combined with BeoSystem 2 ()
picture when
combined with BeoSystem 2 MK ll()
Front mounted contrast screen
Picture display formats Format 1: Panorama
Format 2: Letterbox zoom
Format 3: 16:9
Viewing comfort Anti-reflection coating on contrast screen
Picture format optimisation
Electronic curtain
VisionClear Teletext Digital Adaptive Luminance Peaking
Adaptive noise reduction
Vertical peaking
Motion compensated progressive scan
Digital Colour Transient Improvement (CTI)
Green enhancement
Adaptive black  Teletext level 2½, 1780 pages
Wide Screen Signalling (WSS)
Fastext (FLOF), 4 memory pages per programme
17 teletext languages in 7 groups
Operation conditions Temperature 0 - 40 C
Humidity 35% - 80%
Minimum outside air pressure : 833hPa
Product name
Type No.
Dimensions W x H x D
Table stand, BeoVision 4
727 x 63 x 270 mm
Product name
Type No.
Dimensions W x H x D
Wall bracket, BeoVision 4
1030 x 634 x 32 mm

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