Beovision 5002


Production: 1977 - 10/1983


By the early 1980s, Teletext was a requirement on  most domestic televisions and any set that was not fitted were not strong sellers. The market then moved from supplying these more basic units to those which offered Teletext as standard (or at least as an option to be fitted by an engineer as a separate module).  To use Teletext and its similar worldwide standards there had to be a way of controlling it. Normally this was carried out via remote control.  So from the mid-1980s most colour televisions were fitted with both remote control or Teletext, and probably both.

Beovision 5002 (Type 3307) was the very last basic television set to be produced by Bang & Olufsen and accordingly was manufactured with more basic features. The array of twelve preset buttons for programming TV stations was kept on this model and of course no remote control was offered.

It was fitted with a 20″ tube and delivered 6 watts of sound through its single loudspeaker.

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