BeoVox 3800 Passive Loudspeakers

BeoVox Loudspeaker

Production: 11/1974 - 1976

A British Institution

Were it not for the arcane British Tax system, this speaker would never have existed. As it was , the presence of a 12" Goodmans woofer signified that this was a professional class loudspeaker, and hence one paid reduced purchase tax. It replaced the Beovox 4700 in the range in the UK for this reason.

Beovox 3800 loudspeakers were recommended to the listener who liked his/her music to sound really natural and uncoloured. These high-fidelity pressure chamber enclosures contained a 30,5cm bass unit, an 8,5cm mid-range unit and a 2,5cm dome tweeter or treble unit. Beovox 3800 gave a finely balanced reproduction of all types of music. It had a power handling capacity of 40 watts RMS or 90 watts music power. Frequency range was 35~20.000 Hz. It was a full-size, floor-standing model, or it could be mounted on the trumpet-shaped pedestal which was available as an elegant accessory. Beovox 3800 exceeded the DIN 45500 norm by a wide margin.

Trumpet stand

Nearly all Beovox loudspeakers of this period were designed for either wall mounting or placing on a shelf. This included Beovox 3800. However, owing to its size, it could also be used as a floor-mounted speaker. For this reason, Bang & Olufsen produced the trumpet stand, type 8906007. The stand had a top on which the loudspeaker could be placed, not only elegantly but also practically in order to achieve a good sound dispersion.

BeoVox 3800 Passive Loudspeakers technical specifications

Dimensions: height 58cm, width 29cm, depth 29cm 
Finish: teak or rosewood

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