Miscellaneous Furniture

Production: 1990 - 05/1995

The F1000 series of modular furniture was offered by Bang & Olufsen for both displaying audio & video products as well as storing necessary media such as records, CDs, cassettes, video tapes etc.

Designed as ‘cubes’, the F1000 was available in two sizes.  Extra cubes could be added when the necessity arose.

Individual cubes were sold with adjustable interior aluminium shelves although additional ones could also be purchased to add to the user’s component system. Optional metal trays were also available for storing smaller items like cassette tapes.

Again, as was common with Bang & Olufsen furniture (like the Attyca, for example) unsightly cables could be discretely hidden away.

And like the Attyca, good examples are today much sought after. Because of their modern look, they fit almost anywhere in one’s home décor.

F1000 technical specifications

Product: Type: Intro. year: Last sold:
  2097 1990 10-94
CUBE FOR F 1000 2098 1990 09-94
TRAY FOR AUDIO TAPE 2100 1990 05-95
TRAY FOR CD 2101 1990 05-95
TRAY FOR VIDEO TAPE 2099 1990 11-91



2380 x 432 x 605mm

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