Beovision LE6000

Production: 1992 - 04/1995

The Beovision LE6000 was a 28″ colour TV receiver fitted with Teletext and a NICAM decoder for the reception of stereo broadcasts.

The set was an extremely basic form of the other TVs in the ‘L’ and  ’LX’ ranges.  Too basic, in fact, in that the TV was really a Philips TV in disguise, and one which had been rebadged with the B&O logo for sale by the company. The finish was one of the most disappointing that Bang & Olufsen has ever produced with only a cheap-looking black plastic moulded affair being offered for sale. With no evidence of any quality materials as such, other than the Beolink 1000 terminal which could control other products in the Bang & Olufsen range, the television was not replaced by Bang & Olufsen upon culmination of its market life.

A motorised base could not be used with this particular model although it was fitted with a glass contrast screen and a headphone socket.

Beovision LE6000 technical specifications

5303 ( 1992 - March 1994) 
5307 ( 1992 - March 1995) 
Picture tube: (visual picture) Black Link 70cm (66cm) 
Flat square, in-line 110° 
Contrast screen: glass 
On-screen display 
Operations: Beolink 1000, one-way 
Finish: back 
Tuner range type 5307: EU 46 - 855 MHz: VHF, S, Hyper, UHF 
Tuner range type 5303: GB 470 - 855 MHz: UHF 
No of TV programmes: 60 
Teletext: TOP, FLOF, 5 alphabet 

Type 5307 EU: 
Stereo decoder NICAM EU + A2 
Type 5303 GB: Stereo decoder NICAM GB 
Speaker units 2 x 10 cm full range 
Long-term max. output power 2 x 20 W 

Power supply: 220 - 240 V 
Power consumption Typical 120 W, min 15 W 
Dimensions W x H x D: 86 x 52 x 46 cm 
Weight: 46 kg 
Connections: AV1 & AV 2, S-VHS, Audio out, Headphones 

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