MCL X-tra Active speaker kit

BeoLink MCL

Production: 1998 - present

Another handy kit, the MCL X-tra Active speaker kit permitted a user to connect a pair of Beolab active loudspeakers – such as Beolab Penta – to an MCL system (a Beocenter 9500, for example).

The kit was comprised of an MCL2AV unit with an MCL transceiver, the "eye" which was designed to be fixed to the wall of the Link Room. Local sources – such as a CD player or cassette recorder - could be added to the system which meant that the user could listen to differently-sourced music in the Link Room if required.

It was also possible to use a Bang & Olufsen Beovision TV. If this was the case, the MCL2AV used the transceiver in the Beovision so the MCL transceiver "eye" was not required.

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