Beovox 1800

BeoVox Loudspeaker

Production: 1973 - present

The idea of panel speakers, such as the Beovox 3000 and Beovox 5000 of the late 1980s was not a new one having been developed by Bang & Olufsen for saving space as early as 1973.  Beovox 1800 was one of the company’s earlier efforts and could be used on a wall acting as a rear speaker for any of the ambiophonicsystems that Bang & Olufsen produced, such as the Beomaster 1700.

Other models similar to Beovox 1800 were the Beovox 600 and Beovox 1600.

This model was superceded by Beovox 1802.

Beovox 1800 technical specifications

Beovox 1800 type 6231

Height (inches): 13
Width (inches): 17,3
Depth (inches): 4
Weight: 6kg
Impedance (ohms): 4
RMS load (W): 15
Music load (W): 20
Frequency response (Hz): 50-20
Harmonic distortion (%): 3
Sensitivity (W): 4
Cabinet volume (Litres): 8
Dispersion (degrees angle): 120
Bass unit: 15cm
Mid-range unit: -
Treble unit: 25mm dome
Crossovers ((Hz): 5K

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