BeoSystem 3


Production: 2006 - present

Designed for the BeoSystem 3 - or indeed any type of video recorder, DVD player, hard-drive recorderor STB - this attractive cabinet was introduced to match most of today’s Bang & Olufsen audio and video products.

Available in a choice of materials  the storage system is made in two different sizes with a variety of complementary finishes for the doors.

Within, the shelves are manufactured of strengthened glass with enough space for individual entertainment appliances plus necessary cable management for an entire system.

Cabinet bodies have the same black soft-touch rubber finish as current audio and video systems with a choice of toned-glass, brushed aluminium, or a high-gloss white or black finish for the cabinet doors.

BeoSystem 3 technical specifications

Rear cabinet: black

Front door: natural aluminium / black / white / mirrored glass

Dimensions / weight (large): 124cm x 42cm x 58cm / 51kg

Dimensions / weight (small): 62cm x 47cm x 49cm / 26kg

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