Beovox S45 Passive Loudspeakers

BeoVox Loudspeaker

Production: 1976 - 11/1977

As part of a new breed of loudspeaker from Bang & Olufsen, the original Beovox S45 was the first model to carry the ‘S’ prefix in this very popular range. It was originally designed as a three-way loudspeaker (type 6302) but was revised in 1983 as a two-way speaker system (type 6427).

Beomaster 2000, Beomaster 3400 and Beocenter 3500 were the recommended systems to power the original Beovox S45.

When it was revised in 1983, and looking similar to its larger Beovox S55 and S80 counterparts, the Beovox S45 (type 6427) was just a little narrower depth-wise. Inside its wooden cabinet was fitted with but two drivers: a 210mm woofer and a 25mm tweeter which for most people’s use was quite adequate and gave a rich, mellow sound. Because of their reasonable pricing and quality sound the Beovox S45 proved very popular over its production lifetime.

The Beovox S45 was eventually replaced by Beovox S45.2.

Beovox S45 Passive Loudspeakers technical specifications

RMS power handling capacity 45 W
Music power handling capacity 75 W
Impedance 4 - 8 ohms
Frequency response +4 -4 dB 38 - 20,000 Hz
Frequency response +4 -8 dB 60 - 20,000 Hz
Power at 96 dB SPL 4 W
Sensitivity 5 W
Distortion 250 - 1000 Hz <1.5%
Distortion 1000 - 2000 Hz <1 %
Distortion > 1000 Hz <1%
Woofer 20,3 cm
Phase-link filler driver 90 mm
Tweeter 2.5 cm
Crossover frequencies 2KHz
Angle of Dispersion 120 degrees
Net volume 16.1 litres
Gross volume 29.5 litres
Dimensions W x H x D 26.5 x 52.5 x 20cm
Weight 7 kg

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