Frackenpohl Poulheim

Frackenpohl Poulheim is a small international agency for industrial design and product development situated in Cologne and in 2014 employed five employees. The company works for clients from the medium-sized section as well as global corporations and academic institutions.

The company says that it is their understanding that “design is a tool with which the orientation of an organisation and its product portfolio can be methodically directed and implemented. By focusing on a threefold set of balanced values – aesthetics, function and innovation – product design turns into a predictable factor for success”.

They describe their competencies on three different levels:

Companies with which Frackenpohl Poulheim work include: Airbus, Bang & Olufsen, Bayer Material Science, Cinos Sound Modules, DHL, Mièle,Vodafone Global and Zentek among others.

Taken from Frackenpohl Poulheim company Web site.

Frackenpohl Poulheim designed the BeoSound Essence, announced in 2014.