Holger Krogh

Designer of the Bottle Opener… the longest-lasting product ever… (and the only Bang & Olufsen product that money cannot buy!)

Peter Bang & Svend Olufsen - right from the very beginning of their company in 1925 - stuck to the principles of functional design, perfect performance and exquisite craftsmanship. Over the generations this has inspired a great number of people, among these a young engineer named Holger Krogh. Employed in later years by the Struer company, Krogh spent his formative working years employed as a railway engineer. It was while employed in the Bang & Olufsen factory however, where he created his eye-catching bottle opener in his spare time using the fundamental B&O principles.

Nowadays the Bottle Opener is given away free by Bang & Olufsen dealers around the world or occasionally pops up from time to time on the Internet.

But as a gift from the company, it really is a product that ‘money really cannot buy’!

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