MCL XTRA Speaker kit

BeoLink MCL

Production: 1985 - present

Designer: David Lewis

Master Control Link (MCL) was developed in 1985 to permit around-the-house music by using a pair of extra passive speakers linked to an MCL-capable hi-fi (such as the Beocenter 9500) via the MCL XTRA Speaker kit (type 2047).  One could also control the attached Bang & Olufsen hi-fi via the Beolink 1000 remote control.

There were two modules to this kit: the ‘eye,’ mounted on the wall and the box of electronics and speaker connectors which was designed not really to be seen and so this could be screwed to the skirting board out of sight.

A very effective and economical way of extending your stereo system, the XTRA Speaker Kit was an extremely good idea and was relatively popular.

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