BeoLink MCL

Production: 1988 - 02/1996

MCL 2P was a Bang & Olufsen power amplifier made up of a unit offering 2 x 30 W per channel. It was an advantageous apparatus, and over its lifetime many were sold.  Its function was to work in conjunction with MCL2AV in providing an around-the-house sound system where local source capability and independent volume control of passive loudspeakers was desired.  It thus saved the customer from having to purchase active speakers or additional music centers to be used in another room as this device powered any passive (i.e., non-amplified) loudspeaker that was able to handle its power output.

It could be linked to an existing Bang & Olufsen music center via Power Link connections and hidden away in another room.

It was replaced a few years later by the ML/MCL Converter.

MCL2P was supplied with a 2,5m Power Link cable and a 2,5m DC cable for connection to the MCL 2AV. There was also a useful wall-mounting kit provided.

MCL2P technical specifications

Long-term mac. output power IEC 2 x 60 watts / 8 ohms 
Total harmonic distortion IHF < 0.1 % at 25 watts 20 - 20,000 Hz 
Frequency response 20 - 30,000 Hz +0/-0.5 dB 
Signal-to-noise ratio:
A-weighted 1W > 80 dB 
Input sensitivity / impedance 1 V / 2.2 kohms 
Stand by function Automatic ON-OFF 

Power supply
1741: 220V 
1742: 240V 
1743: 120V 
1745: 240V (AUS) 
Power consumption Max. 130 watts 
Stand by 3 watts 
Dimensions 30 x 15 x 8 cm 
Weight 6 kg 

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