Modular System

Miscellaneous Furniture

Production: 1958 - unknown

Designer: Ib Fabiansen

The Modular System furniture concept for Bang & Olufsen was designed by the Danish designer Ib Fabiansenin the late 1950s. It combined television and audio in one complete furniture unit. The idea was that the purchaser could buy a simple system and then add to it over time.  The use of kalmar pine and bright colours - unusual for the time - brought in a lot of interest from the curious. Unfortunately, only a very few were actually sold.

Innovative for its time, Fabiansen’s Modular System was shown at the Danish Arts & Crafts Exhibition in Charlottenborg in Copenhagen in 1958.

The World’s first modular system?

It is believed that it was the Belgian architect Louis De Koninck (1896 - 1984) who was designer of the world’s first modular furniture concept in 1932, and not Ib Fabiansen. With De Koninck’s innovative and original designs for modular furniture he designed a series of standard functional elements which could could be combined to fit in any sized kitchen:

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