BeoCord 3500

BeoCord Compact cassette

Production: 1989 - 03/1994

Documents: Service Manual

Manufactured for use within the Beosystem 3500, Beocord 3500 was technologically similar to Beocord 4500.  However, looks-wise, there was no competition, as Beocord 3500, as well as the rest of its Beosystem 3500 partners, shared a grey lid instead of the highly polished affair with which its successor was graced.

Technically, it possessed Dolby B, a Sendust recording head, and HX-Pro. It was connected via Datalink.

BeoCord 3500 technical specifications

4966 (1990 - March 1994) 
GB 4967 (1990 - Feb 1993) 
USA 4968 (1990 - March 1991) 

Compact cassette: C46-C60-C90-C120 
Recording system: HX PRO 
Direct operation: Sensi touch 
Tape transport system: Auto reverse 
Search system: Track numbers 
Noise reduction system: Dolby B NR 
Tape switch: Auto Ferro/chrome/metal 
Tape head: Sendust 

Wow and flutter DIN: <+/- 0.15% 
Fast forward and rewind: C60 75 sec 
Frequency range chrome: 30 - 18,000 Hz +/- 3 dB 

Signal-to-noise ratio CCIR/ARM: 
Metal Dolby B NR: >64 dB 
Chrome Dolby B NR: >63 dB 
Ferro Dolby B NR: >62 dB 

Power supply: 
4961 220V 
4962 240V 
4963 120V 
4964 100V 
4965 240V 
Power consumption: 18 W 
Dimensions W x H x D: 42 x 7 x 24.5cm 
Weight: 4.5 kg 

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