Beovision ME6000


Production: 1993 - 05/1996

The Beovision ME6000 was really a Beovision LE6000 in disguise.  With the stylish MX-range of televisions becoming more and more popular, this particular set was announced as a more economical addition to the product range.

Comprising a NICAM stereo decoder and using the same Beolink 1000 terminal, the Beovision ME6000 included all the elements of its MX partners but excluded certain their more sophisticated elements such as Datalink. Likewise, no Power Link sockets were provided for use with additional Beolab active speakers.

Not replaced as such by any other model, it was left to the BeoVision MX6000 to take over its market.

Beovision ME6000 technical specifications

Beovision ME6000 Specifications 
EDT 5327 (1993 - Mar 1996) 
GDT 5323 (1993 - May 1996) 
MST 5320 (1993 - Mar 1996) 
MTI 5324 (1993 - Mar 1993) 
Terminal included: Beolink 1000 
Picture tube: 70cm Black Line-S, Black Matrix; Visible picture 66cm 
Contrast screen: grey glass 
VisionClear: auto cut-off 

Teletext system: FastText, TOP, 6 languages 
TV programmes: 60 
Sound: stereo 
Long-term max output: 2 x 20 W / 8 ohm 
Speaker system: full range speakers 
Power consumption/Minimum: typical 107 W / 6 W 

TV tuner range/CTV system/Stereo decoder/Bilingual 
5320 VHF, S, Hyper, UHF B/G/L PAL/SECAM A2 
5327 VHF, S, Hyper, UHF B/G PAL NICAM 
Dimensions W x H x D: 65 x 67.5 x 46.5cm 
Weight 39.3 kg 

Connections: AV Link AV 1: 1 x 21-pin Datalink 
AV 2 AV 2: Decoder 21-pin 
Super VHS YC playback 4-pin 
2 audio IN Phono sockets 
Audio Out: 2 Phono sockets 
Stereo headphones: jack socket 3.5mm 

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