BeoCom 1400

BeoCom Telephone

Production: 1992 - 2000

Bang & Olufsen, since ‘Bang & Olufsen Telecom’ was founded in 1986, has always produced a range of very striking and memorable telephones. From the big and bold expressions of Beocom 2000 to the timeless functionality of BeoCom 6000; and from the commanding BeoCom 3 to the compelling perspective of the BeoCom 2, all of the company’s designs have been both innovative in design yet functional and easy to use.

The BeoCom 1500 and BeoCom 1400 were again two such memorable designs in that their clean-lined simplicity belied the technological prowess that both models possessed.

With keypads integrated within their slim,curved handsets in much the same way as their more sophisticated partners BeoCom 1600 and 2400, the phones’ compactness belied what was hidden beneath.

Sound quality on these two more affordable models was just as high as their more expensive partners and they were just as easy to use. Yet because they did not come with their own stand-alone bases they were both suitable for those on a budget and useful where a broader range of holders was required.  For example, both the 1500 and 1400 could be accomodated within their own simple holders for wall mounting. There was also a version which included an IR transmitter for controlling sound levels on Bang & Olufsen audio and video equipment as well as one which - like the Beocom 2000 - held its own little notebook.

Both models were exactly the same with the exception that the BeoCom 1400 did not have its own memory facility or volume control.

BeoCom 1400 technical specifications

BeoCom 1400 Specifications 

BeoCom 1500 with and without AV remote control 
Corded analogue telephone 
Placement: Wall or Desktop 
Finish: Black, Blue, Green, Red, grey, yellow, terracotta 
Redial: 1 numbers 

Volume control 
Microphone mute 
Ringer settings 
Audio / Video volume control (depending on base ) 

Dimension W x H x D: 50 x 200 x 6mm 
Weight: 155 g (handset only) 

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