BeoLab 8000 System


Production: 1981 - 12/1985

Beolab 8000 System (or Beosytem 8000) was produced by Bang & Olufsen to be very much the top of the range at the time of its introduction in 1981 when it was made up of the following products:

Beomaster 8000
Beogram 8000 (with MMC 20 CL pickup)
Beocord 8000 cassette deck
Beovox MS 150 loudspeakers
Beolab Terminal remote control
System cabinet SC80

In its later years, the product range was revised, with components withdrawn and new ones taking their place. However, the ability to add and subtract within the Beosystem 6000 and 8000 range always remained the philosophy behind these excellent hifi products.

Beocord 8000 and Beogram 8000 - as two of the components of the Beolab 8000 System - were the first two sources to support the new Datalink system. The connection for a second cassette recorder on the Beomaster 8000 did not include Datalink and had its levels adjusted so that it could be used with older Bang & Olufsen products.

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